Green Park release International Woman’s Day list celebrating female leaders

International Woman’s Day exists, not only to highlight the need for improved gender parity but, to foreground the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world.

In keeping with the day’s theme, executive search firm Green Park has compiled their list of 25 influential female role models – in order to celebrate female leaders across a range of industries.

Raj Tulsiani, Co-Founder and CEO at Green Park, believes that to further improve gender parity, Boardrooms and executives must, publicly and privately, support equality and diversity.

He said: “While it’s fantastic that more of the top roles in the UK are currently filled by women, we have a long way to go until there is a level playing field in business with much more work needed to be done to increase female representation at all levels, especially in the pipeline to Board-level.”

Amongst those that made the executive search specialist’s list: a political campaigner who pressurised the Conservative Government into a feminism education U-turn (Sophie Walker); a politician involved in some elements of same-sex marriage legislation (Sue Owen); and the first black woman to be made a Queen’s counsel (Baroness Scotland of Asthal).


This article was published in Business Grapevine on Thursday 9th March 2017. To read the full article click here.