Submit Your Timesheets

Congratulations on your placement through Green Park. 

To ensure payment throughout your assignment - once we have successfully placed you with one of our clients - we have set up an easy to use system to submit timesheets. 

When you begin, we will create a record for you on our ETZ timesheet system.  You will receive login details via email containing a link to the portal and your username and password.

When logging in for the first time, the portal will prompt you to change your password to something memorable.  In the portal you can view your timesheets for the period it relates to.  From here you are able to complete and submit your timesheets to your authorised signatory which are signed off electronically.  They will receive an email notification to prompt them to log in and approve your timesheet. 

As soon as the timesheet is approved, the Accounts department at Green Park will receive notification.  Candidates on assignment are also asked to submit an invoice directly to so that the Accounts Department are able to reconcile the invoice against the timesheet.

When do timesheets need to be submitted?

Timesheets are required to be submitted in the first 5 working days of the month along with your invoice, with payment crediting your account on the 30th of every month.  For example, timesheets accrued and submitted for November, payment will be received on 30th December.