Green Park partnered with Rexam to provide diversity consultancy, analytical population analysis, independent verification and benchmarking to help Rexam PLC become recognised as a leading diversity player amongst listed manufacturing businesses.

Using tried and tested analysis techniques, Green Park dove deep into Rexam’s employee data and used the findings to create a three-year proposition. The key focus point of this plan was to deliver a full ethnocultural and gender map of all Rexam global employees, index linked to relevant national statistics to provide a regional context. We also layered in overall tracking of gender and ethnocultural position against FTSE 100 and manufacturing sector averages.

Green Park then completed further employee mappings, formatted to be customised around Rexam’s intended requirements from the board, advised a release and engagement PR strategy and highly targeted events.

Green Park also helped orchestrate the reality test project plans for investing in coaching/developing/facilitating the creation of internal networks and diversity champions across Rexam PLC.

Once this was complete, Green Park conducted an independent diversity business case review, and delivered training via a masterclass series, which delivered 1-2-1 or group training in specific skills such as unconscious bias, interview training, role model development, diversity coaches, etc.

As the final phase of the project with Rexham, Green Park created a future pipeline engagement and protection strategy.

This included Identification of potential targets to be tracked as part of external succession planning, a review of employment brand recognition in selected markets and functions to produce hard evidence of what diverse candidates think about Rexam and a plan on how to communicate and grow engagement of agreed diversity strategy with an accountable and measurable focus on internal and external outcomes.