Increasing Diversity

Increasing Diversity

Diversity?  It’s in our DNA

At Green Park, we are passionate advocates of business diversity. Since day one we’ve focused on diversity, because we believe in the Power of Collective Difference as a source of competitive advantage and because Green Park’s customers deserve more choice. 

Internally, we’re a living example of the way an organisation that encourages diversity of thought in their leadership team will outperform monocultures in today’s turbulent international markets. As a team, we help create diverse and ‘appointable’ talent pools of great candidates for each role, as well as our board advisory practice helping our customers to create coherent ‘build and buy’ diversity strategies to increase representation.

Whether cognitive diversity is acquired or inherited it is important that we help our customers through using our unique technology to evidence talent clusters and always provide a choice of both the ‘usual and unusual suspects’. Putting our fees on the line through the Green Park Promise and linking our own compensation to diversity, customer feedback and getting things right first time has been a game changer.

We do not believe in tokenism, quotas or prioritising representation from any one of the many diversity streams nor in class or educational background which is often overlooked: rather, we build our networks and expertise to champion the perspective that 70% of what helps an organisation drive competitive advantage though diversity is applicable across any sizeable business, with the remaining 30%  requiring bespoke strategies specific to the organisation, team or target community.  We help our customers to realise value from that 70%, to encourage business diversity of thought and not to focus on one cause at the expense of common sense and business value.

We understand that many businesses struggle to draw a straight line from visible diversity to competitive advantage, and we’re here to share our intimate knowledge of creating your own business case for increasing diversity. Our team begins by helping organisations build their own case for pursuing diverse and inclusive practices, driven by business outcome, customer insight and beyond any legal or CSR requirements.

The core elements of our approach to diversity include:

Understanding and valuing diversity of thought: Diversity isn’t a superficial, skin deep concept. The real power of diversity in business is diversity of thought: the power of collective difference breeds new ideas, approaches and innovations, creating an environment that is challenging, progressive and creative. Our approach to diversity is to foster diversity of thought, helping customers build teams that, together, avoid groupthink and leverage the power of collective difference to drive organisational and cultural improvement.

The Diversity Doctor’s Health Check: in 20 days we will conduct an independent audit of your organisation, including benchmarking any internal assistance. At the end of the period you will receive a plan and a dashboard for maintenance and one for improvement based on operationalising your board priorities.

Helping independently validate or improve Diversity Strategy: Through our knowledge and that of our associates we can provide a grounded view on the likelihood of current strategies working, most have the wrong people doing the wrong things as demonstrated by performance.

Key Hires and role model development: We can guarantee acceptable shortlist diversity for NED and execuitive roles, but not all diverse leaders want to be actively involved in the debate or used as talent magnets.  We help develop those who do and build a succession plan to ensure our interventions lead to sustainable results.

Understanding unconscious bias and removing institutional barriers: While better performance through diversity of thought is the goal, there are barriers that stop nearly all organisations from realising its benefit. Recognising and coping with direct institutional barriers, as well as hidden unconscious bias and understanding customer concordance are key to success. All Green Park consultants have had in-depth diversity and unconscious bias training.

Business Intelligence and market mapping: Talent pools of ‘appointable’ diverse candidates exist, but they can be harder to find than mainstream talent. When we work with organisations, our on-going business intelligence and market mapping efforts ensure we understand what works in terms of attraction propositions, and our established unique technology, regular diversity mapping and Diverse Leaders talent networks give us the insider knowledge we need to add value. For our customers, that means we can move more swiftly and accurately to all corners of the market, finding the best diverse candidates, ensuring they have the chance to compete on a level playing field.

Talent management and direct hiring strategies: We understand how to find and recruit executive diverse talent on behalf of our clients, but we also understand that it’s important to impart that knowledge to the organisations we work for. We’ve helped a large number of leading organisations create a platform to attract diverse talent directly, and to manage and retain existing diverse talent.