Green Park Leadership 10,000

Green Park Leadership 10,000

The Green Park Leadership 10,000 is Green Park’s first published study. It is a ‘root and branch’ analysis of the diversity of the 10,000 most senior employees operating within the FTSE 100, by gender, ethnicity and cultural background. At Green Park we are committed to helping to build better businesses. One part of the secret is to maximise the energy and creativity that comes with diversity of all kinds. The right mix of talent within top teams is vital if firms want to achieve a ‘diversity dividend’.

The study reveals that:

  • Amongst 289 key executives in the FTSE100 who occupy the posts of Chairman, CEO and CFO, just a dozen are women
  • More than half of FTSE100 companies have no non-white leaders at board level, whether executive or non-executive; and two-thirds have no full-time minority executives at board level
  • Women and minority leaders feature disproportionately as non-executive board directors: as a consequence their true level of influence is far smaller than their numbers suggest
  • The fifteen industrial sectors of the FTSE 100 show very different levels of diversity; strikingly, those which typically show a smaller gender deficit, such as utilities, tend to show a much larger ethno-cultural deficit; and vice versa, as, for example, in the case of natural resources
  • The authors suggest that women are most likely to be found in Top 100 positions in consumer-focused businesses, such as media, technology and consumer goods; and that the largest gender deficits occur where the customers are other businesses, such as in the engineering and construction sectors.

The launch of the Green Park Leadership 10,000 marks the start of a continuing project. Green Park Diversity Analytics will publish periodic updates on executive diversity in the FTSE 100, as well as regular in-depth analyses of specific sectors and types of job.

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