Joseph Williams

Director of DRIVE

I am passionate about improving equality and sustainability in the workplace. Green Park and DRIVE give me the opportunity to make that passion a reality.

Joseph started his passion for diversity when he became the first non-female chair of the Gender Equalities Society for the University of Cambridge. In this role, he advocated an end of “the new old boys’ club” and rolled out a strong and successful intersectionality and allies programme for students for the first time at the university. He has since been a longstanding equalities activist focusing on ethnic minorities and LGBT+, and was part of the team that started the equal marriage, equal rights movement in the UK and the US.

As a main line of work, Joseph has specialised in creating digital ecosystems and customer acquisition and retention programmes. This, paired with his passion for equality, has most recently led to his development of the Green Park Diversity Dividend Model, used for auditing of corporate diversity programmes. He has also devised and launched Green Park’s social enterprise, DRIVE, which focuses on investigating and unlocking the bottlenecks facing diverse talent. DRIVE is chaired by Baroness Royall of Blaisdon.