Joseph Williams

Director of DRIVE

I am passionate about improving equality and sustainability in the workplace. Green Park and DRIVE give me the opportunity to make that passion a reality.

Joseph is a Digital Strategist and Brand Marketing professional who has spent 12 years advising his employers on digital-first customer and product development.

Throughout his career, Joseph collaborated closely with Diversity & Inclusion and HR teams, taking a leading role in intersectional equality policy and programme development as well as leading many diverse employee resource groups.

Specifically attuned to sustainable diversity, he has supported and produced many reports into talent best practice and socially responsible resourcing, which lead to him recently developing the Diversity Dividend Modelwith Green Park, which is used for auditing and grading corporate diversity programmes and cultures.

Joseph has been a human and education rights campaigner for 15 years, focusing on social mobility, mental health and LGBT+ development. He was part of the team that started the ‘equal marriage, equal rights’ movement in the UK & the US and produced the first ever international reports into ethnic minority & mental health discrimination at work.

Joseph is also Head of Marketing & Communications for Green Park.