International Recruitment

The highest calibre of candidates on every continent

Green Park specialises in supporting organisations deliver complex transformational change designed to meet the capability and capacity gaps that naturally follow large scale transition. The company already works in partnership with organisations in over 50 countries to deliver tailored people strategies and programmes that meet the required regulatory and employee relations requirements within these territories.

This includes the successful transfer of staff from one entity to another and ensuring the transfer of knowledge and skills required for successful transition; GAP analysis of skills and leadership capability required following change and the development and delivery of management development and employee engagement programmes to support a step change improvement in performance.

These programmes can be designed to build local capability that is tailored to the emerging requirements in a way that will deliver sustainable improvement through their focus on local conditions and imperatives.

Green Park International Coverage

Green Park has an extensive track record across the UK and internationally having operated in over 50 countries including Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, India, Turkey, Russia, France, UAE, and Spain. We have strong networks across business change and transformation, working with a range of clients from large blue chip organisations to SMEs with a particular strength in working for complex owner / family led business units. A small sample of our sector strengths is illustrated below:

  • Financial Services
  • Power – Oil & Gas, Solar Energy
  • Government & Regulatory
  • Retail, Consumer & Digital
  • Creative Industries
  • Commerce & Industry

How are we different?

As a company we have developed cultural sensitivity built on over 20 years pioneering work in diversity. We aim to provide solutions for our customers that are tailored to their organisations needs and compliant with their country’s regulatory and legal frameworks. We also invest in small start-ups that share our values and our views on corporate social responsibility. It is our way of building sustainable businesses that can thrive and support the development of sustainable communities. In this way we are unique and this is a reflection of our respect and support for entrepreneurial flair which is at the heart of everything we do.