Vision & Values

Vision & Values

At Green Park, our collective vision is simple: to set a new benchmark for customer service in the senior recruitment industry, consistently treating candidates and clients with the respect and consideration they deserve. Within that vision, it’s our ambition to provide exceptional value to any customer who partners with us each and every time we have contact with them. Underpinning that is our commitment to quality and our Values are the cornerstone of every single contact we have with clients, candidates, suppliers, and colleagues alike. Our Values are centred around openness, honesty, equality, clear communications and a stated commitment to delivering what we promise.

When you work with Green Park, we want you to feel the benefit of our commitment to our Vision and Values.

Green Park Values

We’re proud to be different. The words below represent the things that we value, and the things our clients value about us.

PASSION: We concentrate on exhibiting energy, personal pride and fleetness of thought and action in everything we do. We strive to be open and responsive, engaging in communications based around achieving accountability and desirable results for the people in our network. We’re so committed to delighting our network that our own remuneration is linked to the feedback we get from the executives and the clients we work with.

QUALITY: We judge our own performance on the results we achieve for other people. We fight to bring value to our networks and are committed to outperforming our competitors in our chosen markets. We deliver in a way designed to ensure we are the interim recruitment partner people want to do business with – again and again. We realise that business people have choices, and we know that we have to fight hard to deliver them value. But it’s not that simple – we’ve got to deliver value to both our client and candidate communities. We do that by understanding and respecting both parties, and introducing those whose aspirations, motivations and requirements closely align.

SUSTAINABILITY: Trust is integral to everything that we do. We know trust must be earned, and is only maintained through consistent delivery on promises. We pride ourselves on our position as trusted partners to the people we work with – clients and executives alike. Sustainability is a core value to Green Park across everything we do. We know we must consistently deliver lasting value to our networks, but we also realise we have a responsibility to the environment and to the community. Our green philosophy encompasses everything we do, from our sponsorship of sport in the community and the volunteer work our employees are encouraged to undertake. We’re diverse by design: our commitment to diversity isn’t just lip service, and it’s more than skin deep – over the years we’ve been in the interim management and executive resourcing industry, we’ve actively built up networks of under-represented groups. We’re now ideally placed to help our clients increase representation within their organisations.

INNOVATION: We’ve moved away from the traditional database mentality. We are a flexible, responsive interim and executive resourcing partner, focusing on intelligent processes and behaviours that deliver the greatest possible value to our network. We work to build and align communities of executives and clients in a personal, proactive way that reflects each unique and varied requirement and motivation.