Barclay Simpson: Major Organisations pushing for more diversity from financial firms

Research from McKinsey and Company has found a direct correlation between diversity and increased revenue. For every ten per cent rise in female executives, firms can expect a 3.5 per cent increase in revenue, meanwhile US based organisations have been found to have a 0.8 per cent revenue increase for every 10 per cent increase in both ethnic and gender diversity.

There is also positive news for ethnic diversity, which reached its highest level across FTSE 100 banking and finance firms for four years in 2017, according to Green Park’s Leadership 10,000 research. A total of 15 per cent of professionals in the industry’s leadership pipeline are from non-white backgrounds, compared with just five per cent for firms on the index overall.


This article was published in Barclay Simpson on the 26th March 2017. To read the full Barclay Simpson article, click here.