Forbes: Is Brexit Good Or Bad News For Workplace Diversity And Inclusion?

According to a LinkedIn survey, 96% of respondents believe Brexit has had an impact on their hiring strategies. With Brexit having so many implications on the current Human Resources climate, how will it affect workplace diversity and inclusion?

Diversity & Inclusion Senior Consultant at Green Park, Cordelia Osewa-Ediae, says: “One real casualty of the way Brexit has been managed so far is that a significant number of people from various backgrounds have been left feeling unsettled about their jobs and settlement status.”

“Experience gained from working with employers from all sectors to boost workplace diversity and inclusion, has shown that inclusivity – the extent to which each employee feels included in the workplace – is even more important than merely employing diverse talent. Any situation that causes workers to feel excluded and marginalised in their workplaces, will undoubtedly affect productivity and workplace cohesion.”


This article was published in Forbes on the 30th of January 2019. For the full Forbes’ article, click here.