Green Park was approached by Asda’s board to help find a candidate to challenge and control the branding image of Asda and George from the moment the customer is acquired to the moment the customer collects their product.

Green Park commenced its Interim+ proposition, quickly completing an in-depth human capital review. Upon presentation of the review, it became apparent there was a requirement within marketing for an individual with a wider remit than current channels had responsibility for. Green Park sought to challenge Asda on creativity by demonstrating a character profile that displayed creative marketing ability while being passionate about building brands and communicating across all areas of marketing engagement.

Upon agreement and sign off of the brief, Green Park commenced its resourcing process, utilising in-house tools: GP Assess, GP Scope and GP Enhance. This allowed Green Park to leverage its extensive leadership network, successfully demonstrating a diversified talent pipeline that hadn’t previously been considered by Asda. It was quickly apparent that the brief no longer weighted towards an interim management proposition, but rather a longer-term assignment.

With this in mind Green Park continued to partner Asda through the creation of a new role to their executive leadership: the vice-president, creative, marketing. Green Park oversaw the successful appointment of an individual who was a proven creative. They were able to balance strong creativity with an excellent sense of commerciality, having frequently made brave choices across UK and US media, marketing and brands through journalism, media, fashion and omnichannel environments.

Green Park has continued to partner Asda, ultimately becoming a trusted partner of their executive human capital supply chain.