Green Park was commissioned by Barratt in late 2016 following a new directive from the Board to make D&I a priority.  The remit was to “create an intelligent and sophisticated diversity agenda and plan to kick-start the D&I journey with high level engagement and a clear understanding of the long-term goals and the quick wins. Ultimately creating a culture of inclusion.” 

Barratt were particularly keen to involve senior leadership in all D&I activities and initiatives. They were also interested in making Barratt an employer of choice and attracting applications from women, disabled and black, Asian and minority ethnic people, as they were under represented in the workforce.

Green Park worked closely with the Group Human Resources Director to develop the proposition for a D&I strategy which fed into Barratt’s overall 3-year D&I strategy. It was agreed that Green Park would carry out a diversity consulting program over a 12-month period, which is broken down into two distinct phases.

In Phase 1, we conducted a companywide data analysis geared at understanding the demographics of Barratt. The companywide analysis mapped the gender and ethno-cultural diversity of all employees within Barratt. The report that was commissioned was carefully designed to allow comparison with the 7 regions in which Barratt operated as well as give an in-depth overview of the company as a whole.

In total, we examined the files of over 7,000 Barratt employees – individuals working in Group Office, London, Central, West, East, Northern and Southern Regions as well as individuals who had left Barratt within the period of 2015-2016.

Another key project undertaken in Phase 1 was a Diversity and Inclusion survey commissioned to identify strengths and challenges for the continuing enhancement of Barratt’s diversity and inclusion efforts. The survey was designed to assess current workforce perceptions about diversity and inclusion with a focus on the following six topics; Leadership Commitment, Organisation Culture, Individual Focus, Infrastructure, Policies, Systems and Processes, Management Behaviour and Inclusive Leadership. The results gave the senior leaders a chance to reflect evidential current state and the impetus to commit to driving forward this agenda.

As part of the 3-year plan, Green Park conducted a regional diversity and inclusion pilot that Barratt implemented in 2014 to understand the learnings and any improvements to create a best practice model that can be adopted by other regions and potentially rolled out throughout the whole company.

Green Park was also asked to help create the policies that will be integral to creating a culture of inclusion as well as retaining and recognising the talent within and outside of Barratt. In Phase 1 we have reviewed seven key policies including Maternity and Flexible Working Policy.  In Phase 2 Green Park will consult, look at best practice, data analysis, write and implement the policies. After the implementation, we will review and provide feedback on how the policy has been perceived.

Phase 1 culminated with Green Park attending the Barratt annual Group Leadership Conference where the data analysis and companywide results were presented, with Green Park facilitating a D&I training session with the 250 senior leaders. This was followed by a presentation to the Board and Diversity Committee, with who in Phase 2 Green Park will facilitate a training and awareness program. This will further be reinforced with a Train the Trainer Programme, providing sustained learning and delivery.