Birmingham City Council

The Kerslake Report in 2014 set out BCC’s challenges and the steps required to deliver radical improvements – in terms of service outcomes and the Council’s governance and financial arrangements – in order to avoid full government intervention.

During his first year in post as chief executive, Mark Rogers engaged Green Park to help him respond rapidly and directly to some of the key structural changes required by the report. One of those requirements meant some significant changes to the senior management team and the creation of new posts. Owing to a number of factors, it was immediately evident that a team of highly experienced interim managers hired into key sensitive posts would deliver those changes in the most effective way.

Green Park worked closely with Mark to create job profiles for those roles that would give confidence to the Council’s government-appointed commissioners and create a compelling narrative to take to the interim candidate market.

As a result, three key hires were made. An interim service director for delivery was hired as a direct requirement of the Kerslake Report. That individual effectively acted as a deputy to the chief executive, taking leadership responsibility for all aspects of the Future Council transformation programme and managing a number of corporate service areas.

The existing role of assistant director of HR and OD was deleted, and two interim managers were hired into complex change management roles – one as interim head of HR transformation and one as interim head of OD transformation, with the aim of completely turning around the function.

The outcomes delivered by the three interim managers were so successful that they were even cited in a follow-up report by the government’s externally appointed Improvement panel for the Council.

As a result of the calibre of interim managers sourced by Green Park, an interim IT director, interim head of street services, a head of schools HR and an OD business partner for the Council were appointed. Green Park has continued to work with the council.