Citizens Advice

Green Park was commissioned by Citizens Advice following open competition to help find two new trustees for its board

The remit was to find those with a proven record of significant achievement in their own field within a substantial or complex organisation, operating at a strategic level, confronting challenges and driving through initiatives.

The charity was particularly keen to increase the diversity of its leadership and was particularly interested in attracting applications from women, disabled and BAME people, as they were under-represented on the Board.

Green Park worked closely with the head of governance and the director of people to develop the candidate proposition and target list. Findings about progress were shared weekly, building a list of interested parties from across the public, private and voluntary sectors. Throughout, Green Park remained conscious of the strength of the current board, and how those with whom potential candidates would complement them.

Following three weeks of search, during which Green Park used its broad and well-established diversity networks to ensure both usual and unusual suspects were being considered, 45 people were attracted to the longlist, just under half of whom were deemed A grade. A dozen were interviewed by Green Park – five women, seven men, four BAME – and six taken forward to final interviews with the client following a shortlisting process: three women, three men, two BAME.

Two candidates were appointed, both from outside the voluntary sector – Rolande Anderson, a former director general in the civil service and an experienced trustee, and Ashok Vaswani, CEO for personal and corporate banking at HSBC.

The Citizens Advice team and both candidates were delighted and aftercare meetings have since been scheduled to ensure things are going well. Feedback from one of the unsuccessful shortlist candidates highlighted the care Green Park took to ensure everyone felt fully prepared, stating that this had been the only occasion on which they had received this level of support.