ING investments

Green Park was mandated by ING to provide sustainable solutions to help create the conditions for ING to be recognised as employees of choice to women in target functions, empowering longer-term in-house direct hiring capability.

As one of the world’s leading companies, ING recognises the importance of attracting, developing and retaining the very highest-calibre individuals if it is to outperform its competition. Keen to develop a world class value proposition, ING approached the diversity practice to review its understanding of female talent and how to capitalise on the benefits of increasing the number of women hired into leadership positions.

Green Park utilised the format of a series of interrelated projects to address and provide sustainable solutions to make tactical improvements within 3-6 months. Generic talent templates were implemented, which define what capabilities women need to possess to be able to deliver company objectives. Twenty-five target companies were mapped and a number of individuals were Identified and engaged with for each function. Identified individuals were then enrolled on the Candidate Management Programme.

As a result, Green Park implemented recommendations for family-friendly benefits, created a global female talent network, developed talent hubs specifically for female talent to collaborate and innovate and created a strategy for how ING’s training and development programmes can be promoted and geared towards creating a Centre of Excellence.