Joseph Rowntree Foundation

In 2014, Green Park assisted the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in the appointment of three trustees with the specific objective of increasing the foundation’s board diversity.

Green Park worked with the team to develop a new approach to the search, bringing a fresh and dynamic perspective to the process. Green Park was commended at the time for taking the board from a position of being sceptical about search services to considering them indispensable.

More recently, in 2016, Green Park undertook a high-level board review on JRF and the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust’s behalf, during which we interviewed all board members and many of the executive team to identify skills and function gaps, as well as to better understand the current dynamics of the organisation, the board and their future needs.

Green Park then entered the market to find up to three trustees from private, statutory and voluntary sectors, with experience of social and healthcare, housing, social investment, commissioning environments. In addition, the chair and chief executive were keen to increase the board’s gender, ethnic and age diversity and its geographic range (across the whole of the UK).

Weekly progress calls were conducted to ensure that there were no unpleasant surprises, and by the longlist stage, 124 people had expressed their interest, initially divided into three sections: 30A*, 40 A, and 54 B.

Twenty-two of these individuals were taken forward to Green Park interviews, of whom 14 were women, five were BAME, and four were from outside England.

At the shortlist JRF/JRHT chose to interview 11 candidates, seven of whom were women, four of whom were BAME, and three from outside England. Two were categorised as young trustees.

Following the final interviews, nine out of 11 were deemed appointable. Offers were made to four, with a further two being spoken to about committee roles. Of the four, three were women, two BAME, and one from Scotland. Social care, healthcare, housing and commercial were all covered. The client stated that they were absolutely delighted with the terrific job done, praising Green Park for superb research and insightful reports.