New Look

Green Park was approached by New Look to assist the retail business in market mapping to identify and create a talent pipeline for its buying and merchandising function.

Green Park spent considerable time with stakeholders at New Look to fully understand the challenges they faced, as well as the desired outcomes of this exercise.

Green Park then worked collaboratively with the business to define their current major competitors and agree a targeted population of retailers, including Primark, Arcadia, Inditex, H&M and River Island (to name a few).

Detailed investigations of the operational structures, talent and functional strengths of each business were conducted, to be compiled into the mapping report.

Owing to the business-critical and confidential nature of the mapping exercise, as a result of the proposed office relocation from Weymouth to London, Green Park successfully compiled a detailed category-by-category map, providing details of talent across multiple layers, qualifying candidates and undertaking extensive due diligence.

Meeting the agreed deadline, these reports and mapping results were supplied to New Look to facilitate their future resource planning and pipelining exercises.