Parkinson’s UK

In 2016, Parkinson’s UK appointed Green Park through open competition to find their inaugural director of digital transformation and communication. 

This critical role would be responsible for driving the cultural change required to maximise the potential of digital to transform the lives of people affected by Parkinson’s, enabling the charity to meet its strategic goals more effectively and with greater impact.

Two facets were critical for success. Firstly, working in close partnership with the Parkinson’s UK team, Green Park developed an engagement strategy, allowing it to reach into the market more effectively than ever.

Secondly, by drawing on its track record as a core supplier of digital expertise to central government (via its public-sector team) and on its thought leadership as keynote speakers at the World Retail Congress (through our

retail consumer practice), Green Park was able to deliver a diverse, cross-sector longlist of 72 high-quality professionals, recommending 11 for initial interview.

From this, three individuals were taken forward to final interview, and all deemed strong and interesting in their own right. The appointed candidate is an experienced creative leader and digital transformation specialist who quite literally wrote the book – The New Reality – on how digital technology will deliver the next step-change in social impact.

Green Park was commended by Steve Ford, Parkinson UK’s CEO, for “taking the time to help [Parkinson’s UK] identify what kind of person we were looking for, generating a really strong set of candidates and also meeting deadlines and preparing high quality summaries and briefings”.