Diversity Initiatives

At Green Park, we are personally and collectively committed to embedding diversity best practice innovations into everything we do.  Since the day we started the business we pushed the boundaries in our operations and all aspects of how customers experienced our challenger brand.

This is not reflected in vanilla corporate rhetoric, fake diversity news, hastily penned website narratives or over articulated policies as window dressing but in the way Green Park people work with our clients and our candidates.


The Green Park team are proud to demonstrate our attitudes and beliefs through the quality of the advice and breadth of choice we provide with diverse representation, financially guaranteed under the Green Park Guarantee.

We respect and value differences, our aim is to improve the society in which we live through getting organisations to think differently about talent and deliver our aim of improving the organisations we work with and accelerating the careers of people who trust us.


We are independent and have built trust with many diverse networks during the course of our collective years in the industry. We have cultivated these networks and have subsequently launched a range of initiatives such as DRIV(our social enterprise dedicated to sharing best practice in diverse recruitment and talent management) and The Colour of Power (our review of the diversity of the most powerful decision-makers in the UK, produced in partnership with Operation Black Vote) to ensure continued and sustainable progress in this important area for us and our clients.

Our commitment and passion to demonstrating the diversity dividend ensure that Green Park clients always benefit from our cutting-edge interventions and the manifestations of our values in every interaction.