Diversity is in our DNA

  • Diversity is in our DNA

At Green Park, we are passionate advocates of business diversity. For 10 years, we’ve focused on and have been moving the dial on diversity because we believe in the power of collective difference. It is a source of competitive advantage and Green Park’s customers deserve more choice.

Internally, we’re a living example of the way an organisation that encourages diversity of thought in their leadership team will outperform monocultures in today’s turbulent international markets. As a team, we help create diverse and appointable talent pools of great candidates for each role, as well as our Board-advisory Practice helping our customers to create coherent “build and buy” diversity strategies to increase representation.

Creating diverse talent pools 

Whether cognitive diversity is acquired or inherited, it is important that we help our customers through the use of our unique technology that evidences talent clusters and provides a choice of both the usual – and unusual – suspects. Putting our fees on the line through the Green Park Promise and linking our own compensation to diversity, customer feedback and getting things right first time has been a game changer for our company and sets us apart from our competitors.


We do not believe in tokenism, quotas or prioritising representation from any one of the many diversity streams, including class or educational background, which are often overlooked. Rather, we build our networks and expertise to champion the perspective that 70% of what helps an organisation drive competitive advantage through diversity is applicable across any sizeable business, with the remaining 30% requiring bespoke strategies specific to the organisation, team or target community.

Not just pragmatic but purposeful

We help our customers to realise value from that 70%, to encourage business diversity of thought and not to focus on one cause at the expense of common sense and business value.

This makes us not just a pragmatic but a purposeful partner to any organisation wishing to deliver impactful and meaningful organisational and cultural change via diversity and inclusion.

As part of our continued commitment to moving diversity forward, we have recently founded the social enterprise, DRIVE (the Diversity Recruitment Institute for Value and Excellence) with Baroness Royall of Blaisdon. To find out more on DRIVE and our pledge to deliver 150,000 new diverse hires to the UK workforce by 2020, please click here.


Acknowledged as change-makers

We have become established thought-leaders in implementing diversity, and our accomplishments in this area have enabled us to make real, valuable change.

Most recently our team have been appointed as special advisors to the PM’s Social Mobility Implementation Office, after previously advising the UK government on The Parker Review, The Davies Review and The McGregor-Smith Review.

A significant achievement for our diversity team has been placing the most diverse board to TFL in its history, qualifying us to now become a strategic resourcing partner to the Mayor of London.