Environmental Policy


Introduction and Scope.
Green Park accepts that it has a responsibility to the principles of sustainability and environmental awareness as summarized by the ISO 14001:2015 standard. Our scope is the provision of Interim and Executive Search Services. We are committed to the protection of the environment through minimising our impact on the environment and demonstrating corporate social responsibility across of all our activities.

To achieve good environmental standards in all activities including the reduction, re-use, recycling and disposal of waste.
To make economic use of energy, water and transport usage to minimise waste in all aspects of the business function.
To regularly assess the environmental impact resulting from business operations and to remain fully informed of recognised best practices.
To communicate this Environmental Policy and Objective updates to all interested parties including customers, suppliers and employees, encouraging their active involvement in environmental issues
To fulfil both legal and voluntary compliance obligations

We will always endeavour to:

  • Comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice
  • Assess the environmental impact of all historic, current and likely future operations
  • Continuously seek to improve environmental performance
  • Reduce pollution, emissions and waste
  • Reduce the use of all raw materials, energy and supplies
  • Raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters
  • Expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors
  • Assist customers to use products and services in an environmentally-sensitive way

Specifically, our objectives are (as listed in Environmental Aspects – Impacts – Objectives V5 24.04.2018):- where we will continue to:

  • Ensure that where possible consultants are using the tube or using ‘green’ taxis to get to meetings. Assist in identifying green taxis.
  • Use food waste recycling.
  • Switch off monitors and ensure monitors are on a timer so that when away from the desk they automatically go into ‘sleep’ mode.
  • Reduce the amount of printing on both our printers by 5% per quarter.

We will also continue to reduce our work-related carbon emissions by:

  • Turning computers off when they are not in use
  • Switching off computer monitors during lunch hours, client visits and periods of downtime
  • Using environmentally friendly light bulbs
  • Switching off meeting room, hallway, and bathroom lights when they are not in use
  • Switching off photocopier when not in use
  • Reducing paper usage and recycling all paper and recyclable waste
  • Minimising air conditioning use

Green Park in the community:
Each Green Park employee has three “Green Days” each year where they can take a working day to volunteer to work with a registered charity or otherwise contribute the community in a positive way.

Zena O’Brien and Raj Tulsiani have the overall and final responsibility for the Environmental Policy with the Environmental Committee in charge of the co-ordination, implementation and monitoring of the policy throughout the organisation. The Environmental Policy and objectives arising from this update will be communicated to all staff and a copy should be displayed on the staff notice board, each staff member should take responsibility for their own work area. Copies may be made available to customers on request. The policy will be reviewed at Board Meetings and any updates distributed throughout the company.

Review date 24th April 2018