BAME100 2017

The lack of ethnic minorities in senior positions has always been a concern. However, Green Park’s research has found that over the past year, the number of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) leaders in Chair, CEO & CFO positions across the FTSE100 have reduced by 18%. This is why this list has been produced. We want to recognise BAME leaders, celebrate their achievements and go out to the rest of the UK and show that the talent and role models are out there.

BAME professionals from an ethnic background still face a number of challenges and barriers in and out of the workplace.

Research by our social enterprise DRIVE found that out of a sample of over 1,000 senior BAME workers, 82% said that there is still institutional prejudice against minorities at work. Over 20% have personally experienced it in the last three years.

We know that diversity and inclusion has been a priority over a number of years, with it taking a front seat in the public domain now, thanks to the recently published Race Disparity Audit. We want to break down these barriers and start reflecting on the positive efforts being made.

Green Park’s success as a company has been built on a profound commitment to, and deep understanding of how improving diversity serves organisational needs. This has enabled us to provide our clients with a choice of candidates they would probably never have encountered
otherwise. Our FTSE 100 survey shows that the talent exists: the leadership pipeline from which the next generation of Board leaders will be drawn, this year features the highest level of ethnic minority talent since we published our first report.

Across the year, Green Park (an executive search firm) encounters many diverse leaders through our client, candidate and research processes.

The current pools of senior diverse leaders we track sit at around: 640 BAME: 300 Women; 525 LGBT+ and 115 Disability (incl mental health). These leaders standardly sit at the Global Head + level and span across the Private, Public and Third sectors.

In order to establish the shortlist for our Board Talent Index from these pools, we apply a soft scoring method based on the criteria we believe separates our REALmodels from other diverse leaders. These criteria focus on influencing positive change and development in business and are each graded out of 25.

The criteria:
R = Recognised: accredited for the good that they do
E = Extraordinary: not just achieved but excelled in their efforts
A = Authentic: known for being true to their undisputed origin
L = Leading: climbed the ladder of their organisations and achieved success
Once the REALmodel leaders are identified, the judges ratify the shortlists based on their own insights, the individual’s credibility and the profiles presented and the final indexes are confirmed. Each shortlist usually contains around 115-135 profiles.

Establishing who is published in the groups
We have an advisory panel including Lord Holmes, Baroness Royall, Ken Olisa OBE, Raj Tulsiani and Trevor Philips MBE who help us ratify through potential REALmodels to ensure we profile credible and valuable.

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