Leadership 10,000 (2017)

This is the fourth year of the Green Park Leadership 10,000 report. However, we are very excited because for the first time, this year we have ranked the FTSE 100 companies by their successes and commitment to improving diversity across their leadership.

The inaugural ‘Green Park FTSE 100 Leadership Diversity Index‘ shall be published each year along side our main report from this year onward.

Key Findings 2017

  • Ethnic diversity in leadership pipeline within FTSE 100 companies increases to 5%, the highest level for four years
  • Six-in-10 (58%) main boards have no ethnic minority presence, despite the Government’s Parker Review recommending no FTSE 100 board should be exclusively white by 2021
  • Gender diversity in leadership is now moving back in more industries than moving forward
  • Women have to be three times more educated than men to sit on a FTSE 100 board

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