Leadership 5,000 (2017)

This is the fourth year of the Green Park Public Service Leadership 5,000 (GP 5K) research; a unique, in-depth analysis of gender and ethnocultural diversity among 5,000 of the most senior employees who serve the public, directly or indirectly, on a not-for-profit Government-funded basis.

This is a companion study to our analysis of the FTSE 100’s Top 10,000 executives, which is published annually, and part of our wider publication series based on the work and outputs of Green Park and through our Social Enterprise, Diversity Recruitment Institute of Value and Excellence (DRIVE.)

The GP 5K identifies the backgrounds of the majority of the key individuals who lead these organisations. It does not make any assumptions about competency or culture. Its sole purpose is to help widen the gate by providing statistically valid data into the actual composition of leadership in its current state and the pipeline of future succession planning. In today’s post-election market, we believe that shining this light is more important than ever to ease rising tensions throughout the UK through an inclusive, trusted public sector that better supports and represents its society.

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