DRIVE: Millennial Employer Brand Loyalty

The second piece of original DRIVE research, “Employer Brand Loyalty for the Generation That Have None: Understanding Millennials Through Technology” is a topic that was specifically highlighted by the DRIVE network as most were failing to meet their diversity objectives in attracting and retaining millennial talent.

Employer brand is an issue now impacting the success or failure of every organisation’s talent strategy. The days when a business could exert total control over the way it is perceived as an employer have long since disappeared.

Technology is disrupting the simplest brand sentiments of any organisation with increased awareness and access to data and analysis. While employer brand is a set of perceptions held by all generations, it is millennials who are shaping this technological transformation in the way we judge those who employ us and the way those who employ us market the culture and purpose of their organisations.

80% of millennial jobseekers will research an employer online before deciding to apply – Careerlism, 2016

This report therefore sees millennial recruitment and retention as the key driver for a diverse, relevant and trusted employer brand; resilient enough to cope and prosper in any set of market circumstances.

There is therefore a need for a radically different approach to employer branding for millennials, particularly through understanding how they use technology.

The qualitative research was conducted by speaking with over 30 senior Employer Brand, Diversity and Inclusion, HR and Marketing professionals.

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