Central Government

With a broad reach across Central Government departments, agencies and non-departmental public bodies, our team draws on a 20-year track record of delivering exceptional appointments across all functional and policy areas. We have an unrivalled reputation in the transitioning of board-level candidates from all UK markets into key government roles.

Clients value the depth of our knowledge and our understanding of the complexity and challenges the government faces, which helps us to swiftly and accurately identify world-class talent with the skills and behaviours to lead highly complex political organisations.  Our access to an unparalleled network of senior civil servants up to Band 3 within government as well as a deep reach into the private sector across all disciplines solidifies our ability to deliver new, diverse and accredited talent pools for our clients.

Our role in increasing the mobility of candidates between the private and public sectors has never been more important to a sector that faces constant reform and ever increasing fiscal constraints.