Executive Search

The most trusted and admired companies in the world don’t just seek out the top candidate, they ensure that they are constantly attracting the right mix of diverse executive candidates, constantly improving insight, brand value and attractiveness with clearly defined and diverse executive search strategies.

At Green Park, we recognise that our customers want great and thoughtfully selected people to choose from; a list that includes the usual – and unusual – suspects. Our customers want the widest appointable selection of professionals, and they want the unsuccessful candidates to be treated in exactly the same way as those who are successful.

An evidence-based candidate journey

We are able to develop a fresh and evidence-based candidate journey through a globally networked function and industry consultant teams. With our concise and innovative assessment tools, such as GP Scope and GP Revive, we give you more choice of the very best people.

Providing experts with real value

Our in-house teams are sector experts and have undergone extensive training to deliver the best value to our clients via our range of custom products like GP Enhance, GP Revive and GP Scope, a bespoke tool that measures a team’s skills deficits to perfectly align new candidate requirements. These innovations allow us to provide market-leading industry insight, analysis and culture fit assessments to guide the primary stages of each mandate.

Our people, processes and data regime are different to the firms you currently use. We have spent 10 years developing industry defining enhancements that add sustainable impact to our clients, enabling us to mitigate your hiring risks and find the perfect candidate for you. We deliver on our promise of “Right First Time”.